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How to save money when shopping online

Posted by on Mar 26, 2012 in Discounts | 0 comments

shopping online 300x236 How to save money when shopping onlineWhen you are looking for a bargain, where is the first place you look? If it is not online, it is possible that you are missing out on deals and products that you just can’t get on your local high street.  Online shopping also has the added advantage of not having to trudge around numerous shops looking for specific items.  Often when you do find an item that you wish to purchase the shop may not have the correct size or model that you are looking for.

Many consumers are aware that they can buy simple, low cost products such as books and DVDs more cheaply online from online only retailers, but do not realize that they could also secure discounts on major purchases, such as white goods, electronics, furniture or even holidays by buying them online. Not only are products usually cheaper from online retailers but also by shopping around, gathering coupons and signing up to newsletters, consumers will often find even greater discounts.

Start by doing a simple online search for the products you are interested in.  This will produce a list of popular internet shops for those products. Sign up for any email newsletters or offers that the retailers have available, as marketing emails are often the best place to find out about sales, new products or exclusive discounts which are just for email subscribers. You can set up a free email account just for email subscriptions if you prefer to keep them separate from your personal emails. If you use Facebook or Twitter, follow your favourite brands there too, as follower-only offers are also common. If there is a specific sale that you are interested in, make a note of it in your diary to make sure you go online as soon as the sale opens; there will probably be a limited number of each type of sale product, so you don’t want to miss out.

Price comparison websites can ensure that you buy from the cheapest source for the exact product you want. Just conduct a search for the item you want and the site will give you a list of retailers that have the item and their price, and it may also tell you whether the site actually has the item in stock. Do make sure you are comparing the full cost of buying the product including shipping though; some companies may offer cheap headline prices but add hefty shipping fees, meaning that overall they are no longer the cheapest online option.

Online coupon sites give you access to further discounts when internet shopping. Coupon sites display a list of participating retailers and the discount they are offering. The types of discount vary, but are often a percentage off the retail price of a product, free gifts, or free shipping. Often these take the form of a code you will need to enter at the checkout, so make a note of any that interest you when you browse the coupon sites. Sometimes clicking on a specific link on the coupon site itself accesses other offers. By intelligent online searching and a quick review of coupon sites before buying, it is likely that many of your online purchases can be made more cheaply, just for the cost of a few minutes of your time.

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